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mediterranka 10-04-2015 03:03 PM

*WINNERS ANNOUNCED** October 5-18, Designer Spotlight on Mediterranka Design

Dear Diary... With these words I start every note in my journal. I had a habit of keeping a diary since I was 10 years old. I've got the first one from my father and right now I have quite a collection of diaries. My diaries are a part of of my memories, my experiences and observation. Many of my knowledge and views and emotions i have kept locked in my diaries. They are full of important moments in my life. My family, friends, school, holidays, travel destinations, first love and first pain, hopes and expectations, plans and dreams, this is a great mosaic of my life. I don’t have rules for what I put in my diary, but I try to write every day. Sometimes it's just a short note, sometimes it's a long story. I love writing and always have. Writing is not only for keeping your memories, it's a great art of therapy for the people, who are too emotional. Writing in a diary helps to release tension, give insights into problems, and put issues into perspective. 2 years ago I started using the mobile apps My W Days on iphone. It's very practical, because now I can take notes everywhere. Even if am I walking on the beach or waiting for my cheesecake in cafe. Yes, I'm a writing maniac :) Sometimes I open my old diaries and read about the times from my childhood or school life. About the people, who are gone. About the places, I will never visit again. About my fears, I left in my past. About my dreams, which came true and now make me happy. Diary is more than your autobiography, is your secret place, which will stay with you forever.

The Challenge
Dear diary...

* Scrap a page that can be a page from your diary. It can be something, what you did/feel/thought etc. One day from your life or maybe one hour... doesn't matter. Anything, you can share with us.

* You can tell your story using all what you want. It can be pictures, words, colors or any combination of them.

* Your text must be started with words ''Dear Diary''. It can be in your journaling, your titling, or by use of word art.

• Photos not required. If you use them, personal photos and/or stock images are allowed.
• 50% minimum of the products used on your page must be from Mediterranka Design and the other 50% can be from other Oscraps designers.
• Upload your page in Designer Spotlight gallery and post the link an the page in this thread.
• The challenge ends Sunday, October 18, 2015, 11:59PM CST.

Feel free to create as many layouts as you like! The more you enter, the greater your chances will be to win one of the three prizes I am giving away (one prize per customer).

Click here for FAQ about Designer Spotlights

To give you some inspiration, I've created a new mini set "Dear Diary". This set includes a variety of inspirational elements and papers to help you honor the present. The new set ''Dear Diary'' is on sale - 40% off till the end of the Spotlight.

And one layout from me

• Each participant will receive pack of two accents, coordinated with mini set ''Dear Diary''.
• Each participant will receive $2 coupon to the Mediterranka Design Shop
• I am also giving away THREE coupons to my shop in a random draw at the end of this challenge!
1st Winner: $30 coupon to the Mediterranka Design Shop

2nd Winner: $25 coupon to the Mediterranka Design Shop

3rd Winner: $20 coupon to the Mediterranka Design Shop

Download from my store

Thank you to everyone who joins me in this spotlight!
and here some examples by the Cheery O's!

Madi 10-05-2015 01:23 AM

Wonderful challenge!

Here's my very first diary page

ceeflower 10-05-2015 01:39 AM

I am going to have a go at this a diary page for each day of my holiday will go really well I will write as is and block out the really personal bits . Really like the look of the kit will get that and thanks for the freebies.

mediterranka 10-05-2015 03:07 AM

Thank you for nice comments :) will wait for your page :)

seniorgal 10-05-2015 04:27 AM

I'm so excited about this challenge! My mojo is going crazy. Here's my first page:

faerywings 10-05-2015 05:00 AM

Diane- that is absolutely brilliant!

Barbara- whoa! You are fast! Love it!

ceeflower 10-05-2015 05:30 AM

this is my first one, off to buy Dear diary for my next one and have a mooch in your store too

ceeflower 10-05-2015 07:38 AM

this is my second one telling a fun story on the first day of our holiday when I read it I saw spelling errors but decided to leave them just as I would if I re read my diary back and spotted an error.

Madi 10-05-2015 08:59 AM

Oh, off to a great start already! wonderful pages!!

timounette 10-05-2015 01:02 PM

What a gorgeous kit !

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