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wombat146 01-31-2020 10:34 PM

Hi everyone!

For more 'background' info about this challenge please refer to Vicki's thread HERE

There will be a $10 Gift Certificate for a randomly picked winner each month!


The challenge is NOT about who makes the most the gallery comments or forum posts each month, it is about the type of comments you make in the gallery and your interaction in the forum. There is also a minimum number of comments/posts that need to be made to qualify for the random draw for the winner each month. (Please see last section.)

Gallery Comments:
We all love getting comments on our layouts in the gallery, so to be considered for the winning prize, we ask that your comments be meaningful rather than just "Great page.". Perhaps ask yourself why do you think it is a great page? Is it because of the layout design, the colours, the photo?? Based on what you like about the layout your comments could be something like: "I really like your use of colour on this layout."; "Wonderful way to bring that lovely photo in focus by using that brushwork behind it." ; Terrific use of papers on this layout, love all the layering behind the photo."

As you can see, you don't have to write a book, just consider for a moment what actually draws you to the layout in the first place. :smile:

Oh, and don't forget the Standing O's. If you find a layout that you simply love then go ahead and put it in the Standing O's thread. It's always a thrill to have your layout singled out because some one else thought it was fabulous!

Forum Participation:
There are plenty of places in the forum where you can participate, either by joining in the discussions in various threads, or even starting your own threads in the Chat forum. To be considered for the winning prize at the end of the month, your forum posts should be about interacting with the rest of the community. There are plenty of games to play as well, these are fun, but not all of your posts should be just in this area. As a general rule, no more than 25% of your total forum posts should be from the Games forum. Example: Say your total forum posts are 50. The max. number of posts in the Games forum should not be higher than approx. 13 comments.

At the beginning of each month, the Cheery O Posting team will post a new Community Challenge Tracking thread in the Challenges Forum.

In order to be a part of this challenge you need to pop into the thread, create a post and paste in your current (starting) Gallery and Forum Posting numbers. Then, at the end of the month, you simply EDIT your post and enter your finishing post numbers for the Gallery and Forum, work out your totals and you are done. Easy as that! Click HERE to learn how to find both your forum and gallery post numbers.

While the Cheery O's will not be policing every single post, they will however be keeping an eye out for those people that are joining in with the community spirit and interacting in both the gallery and forum.

EDIT: March 4, 2020: Gallery Comments are included in the total post count. When we calculate your entries, it will be based on the Total Post count only.


At the end of the month the Community Challenge Tracking thread will be checked and each participant will be awarded a certain number of entries into the Random Draw, from which one (1) winner will be drawn.

For every 25 comments/post in the gallery and/or forum, a member will be given one entry into the random draw.
So if your total number of comments/posts equal 50, you will be entered into the random draw twice. If you have 135, you will be entered 3 times and so on. The minimum number of posts to qualify for one entry into the random draw is 25.

We hope to see you all play along and continue to grow our very own unique and wonderful community! :)

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