View Full Version : Upcoming Valentine's Day Food

02-12-2018, 02:05 PM
Do you celebrate VD? We don't go out, preferring to stay at home and hang out together. I asked my hubs to not buy me chocolate or candy. I'll get him something though.

Dinner will be steak and baked potato for him and steak and salad for me. I'm going to try basting the steak in butter for the last few minutes of cooking (saw it on the Chew cooking show recently).

What about you? Anything planned? Any special treats or food?

02-12-2018, 07:20 PM
I'll probably indulge in some Halo Top ice cream and we'll most likely have steak at home as well.

02-13-2018, 04:21 PM
We will be having our valentines Day date night on Friday- we always do it the weekend before or after. Not sure where to go.... our favorite Mexican place or BJs Brewhouse who has the most delicious healthy items on their menu!

02-11-2019, 12:35 PM
I am going to bump this up for 2019- anyone making a special dinner for Valentine's day? I don't even know what day it is. --Of the week, I know it is the 14th :p

02-11-2019, 08:33 PM
I've bought a low carb dark chocolate cake in a box - I think it's by Lakanto - and I'm planning to make that for my after dinner treat. Most likely we'll just have steak for dinner.

02-11-2019, 11:52 PM
Yum, low carb choc cake sounds yummy! I. Going to pan fry steak in cast iron, finished with butter basting and air fryer potatoes.

02-12-2019, 09:54 AM
We don't ever buy each other choc. etc for Valentine's Day, but usually try to have a nice dinner together! All this talk of steak is making me drool, so I think that will probably be on our menu for the evening too! With lots of mushrooms and perhaps Cesar Salad. :hungry:

02-14-2019, 07:29 PM
I ended up making beef teriyaki. It was pretty darned tasty!

02-15-2019, 05:58 AM
Gary made omelets and I threw some Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls in the over. (Pure class :D )