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  1. brushes as .abr file...
  2. Photo Blending in Photoshop (by TaylorMade)
  3. Clipping Masks in Photoshop (by TaylorMade)
  4. Using Quick Pages in Photoshop (by TaylorMade)
  5. The BASICS of Creating a Layout
  6. Photo Blending Option II (by TaylorMade)
  7. Using Layered Templates in Photoshop
  8. moving acrylic/transparent elements
  9. Black & White + Color photos
  10. Getting a Blinkie into your Signature...
  11. Tutorials
  12. Video Tutorials Mixing Paper and Overlays with Jopke Designs
  13. Creating Simple Layouts with Jopke Products
  14. Quicktip: Blending a photo into a background
  15. Tutorial: How to create a 3D-Texture with a paper in Photoshop
  16. Photo Editing with Cloudbrushes in Photoshop
  17. Create a droplet in Photoshop
  18. Open door effect on letters in Photoshop
  19. Fill an Artsy Template in Photoshop wiht just one photo
  20. Mosaic Effect with styles on a photo in Photoshop
  21. Was ist digitales Scrapbooking ? German Video 1. Teil
  22. Was ist digitales Scrapbooking ? German Video 2. Teil
  23. Was ist digitales Scrapbooking ? German Video 3. Teil
  24. Was ist digitales Scrapbooking ? German Video 4. Teil
  25. Was ist digitales Scrapbooking ? German Video 5. Teil
  26. Change or add more languages in Photoshop
  27. Turn your photo into a creepy Halloween photo in Photoshop
  28. Turn a photo into an ink_sketch in Photoshop
  29. Lightings effects in Photoshop
  30. paint symmetrie in PS CC2018
  31. Double exposure
  32. Blend if.....in Photoshop
  33. Dither effect in PS CC 2018
  34. Splatter Brushes in Photoshop – Dispersion effect
  35. Luminosity masks in Photoshop
  36. Color gradient, cinematic look in photoshop
  37. Separation with just one click *PS CC2018 january update*
  38. Quicktip: Use Snapshot to save your work in Photoshop
  39. Quick selection and using brushes and styles on a layout in Photosop
  40. Color Range and applying a style on this selection
  41. Playing with Gradient
  42. Indispensable Collection Video Tutorial
  43. Torn paper effect and ripped effect on a photo using Photoshop
  44. Create you own showroom
  45. Content aware scale, fit a 12×12 layout into a Facebook Header
  46. Never miss any Credits of your layout: History Log
  47. How to get emojis in a word cloud
  48. Frame PNG files tutorial from ViVa Artistry
  49. Using Bevel and emboss on a mask in Photoshop
  50. Using Brushes to edit a Photo
  51. Collage Cutout
  52. Zoom in and zoom out
  53. Picking a color outside of Photoshop with the eyedropper tool
  54. Some Photoshop CC2019 updates
  55. Coloring black photomasks
  56. Oil paint effect without the oil paint filter in PS
  57. Basics of How to Create a Cluster - Part 1
  58. Basics of How to Create a Cluster - Part 2
  59. Scrapaneers Shadowing Tutorial
  60. Photoshop tip: for PS CC users: do you know the Photoshop Share button?
  61. Colorizing Black with a Selective Color Adjustment Layer