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Old 07-20-2008, 08:00 PM
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Default Designer Spotlight - Week of July 21 to 27 - Debra Tope aka. Steinway's Mom

This week, the spotlight shines down on top of SteinwaysMom aka. Debra Tope!
(A quick link to her store; a quick link to her designer gallery)

Debra's spotlight runs from today (Monday, July 21 to Sunday, July 27)

The theme is 'a l T e R e d m i N i S'- take a break from standard layouts and have some fun doing smaller scale pieces. These are easy to make and make great gift items. A 4x6 brag book page is only 20-30 cents to print. You can fit 4 Artist Trading Cards on a 5x7 print. Or you can make a cool hybrid or craft project. Just have fun and let your imagination run wild!

So that's it....it's as easy as 1...2...3....
1) --> click here to download the free gifty
2) Create an altered mini project - it can be an ATC (2.5 x 3.5), Brag Book (4x6) or hybrid project/mini album
3) Use at least 50 percent of Debra's stuff;
4) --> click here & post to Debra's Gallery
5) Put a link in this forum by Sunday, and

----> You will earn a $2 gifty code to Debra's store...

The person who completes the most layouts before Sunday, July 27, will receive a special treat. There will also be special prizes for the layouts with the most creative use of Debra Tope Designs products

To get your mojo started, here's an image to Debra's free kit...

*UPDATE* Debra has 2 other freebies to help you get the 'altered/collage' look - these free styles are compatible with Photoshop/Photoshop Elements:


For some inspiration, on making collage art.....Debra has provided the following links

Scrapartist Altered/Collage Challenge
Digital Art Quirks ATC Gallery
Free Vintage Image Resources


Before we get started on the challenge....here's some more info about Debra

Tell us a bit about you...who are you, your family, where ya live, etc...

I'm Debra Tope - I'm single w/3 rabbit furchildren - Steinway, Penelope and Raleigh. I live in Central Ohio and my IRL job is database design for an online charter school.

How did you start scrappin?
I used to drool over altered art like in Somerset Magazine. But I really wanted to find a way to do it on the computer. One day I saw a digital scrapbooking magazine in my local craft store and it was like 'wow, this is what I've been looking for'.

Before that my friend and I dabbled in doing memory quilts - I really enjoyed manipulating the photos and making look cool and artsy. A long time before that I majored in Art History and even dabbled in studio art and was in a couple of community art shows.

How did you start designing?

Scrapartist, which was the site I started scrapping with, had an 'Apprentice' contest. I figured why not enter and see how far I could get. I didn't make it to the final round but Vicki saw my entries and invited me to sell at Oscraps.

What's your favorite thing about designing?

To be honest I find scrapping a LOT more relaxing than designing - I am always worrying about quality, detailing and stuff and I drive myself a little nuts. But I love the cameraderie with other designers, the creative challenge, and being able to earn some income from something artistic - something I was always intimidated about in the past.

What do you like to do the most - paper, elements, a specific element, etc?

I am definitely an element girl. I love creating super realistic, heavily textured elements.

What is the one thing you want O'gals to know about ya?

Hmmm...I would love to see people get really into the Altered/Collage type of artwork - it's something I've always loved and it's a lot of fun. Deep down I'm a quirky artist and I love just playing with off the wall concepts and ideas...

How'd ya get your nickname?

Steinway, my first bunny, is 'mommy's baby doll' so my nickname is Steinwaysmom - I swear a lot of people assume I have a kid I named Steinway but they are too polite to say anything

Anything else ya want to add....

Oscraps totally rocks. I remember when Vicki started Oscraps as a freebie site a couple years ago - it's just amazing and cool how far we have come...

Here's some eye candy from the cheery-o team, to get your mojo flowing...

From WendyW

From Katg1006

From Dumpty

From Wendy

From Maya/Madigirl (Image Clickable)

Debra's CT: Denise - Lianna - Mary Rose (Images are clickable)
A Missouri Gal, who has left the heart of Razorback Country to live in the land of Sooners and Cowboys (with a bit of Dorothy tossed in at birth.) There's no place like home! - http://www.myscrappylife.com

Stalking... Vicki Stegall and Sue Cummings; Ali Edwards; Jessica Sprague, Kate Hadfield

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