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Chatter Here's the spot for talking about anything and everything!

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Old 02-19-2018, 06:27 AM
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Default Daily Ooo's: Monday, February 19

Happy Monday! I am sorry for being MIA this weekend. Whole lotta "stuff." Nothing good and/or bad-- just stuff to deal with. I didn't get much of anything accomplished either.

I spent time shoveling and watching the dogs be maniacs in the snow. Tried to work on my food shopping list. Fought with a scrap page for a March challenge- 3 days later and I still am so unhappy with it. It will get there. Talked to Caitlyn quite a bit about the Parkland shooting. This one is affecting her so much and was in tears at some points in the conversation. She identifies with these kids, esp since the shooter is the same age as her, the kids speaking out are her generation. She is friends with the security guard at her college and she worries about what could happen to him. She cares so much about the kids she babysits for. She is questioning what she would do in that situation as a future teacher.
Nobody should have to worry about these things.

There are national Marches being planned and I offered to go with her if there was anything nearby. Our local Indivisible group looks like it is putting something together in my town. Times and places have been changing but if they are already working on it, the plans will get solidified in time. I think that will help her feel like she has a bit of control.

Today I am off to meet my BFF for coffee. I am really happy about that, I haven't seen her in ages. It stinks that she works FT and is always busy on the weekends. I am jealous of other people's social lives. Or their ability to *have* a social life

So that is it from Sunny NJ. Cold, but sunny and it will get into the 40's. yay!

Hugs and love!!!

~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 02-19-2018, 06:44 AM
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Good morning girls,
I was planned one funny week, but I wake up with awful headache. Yesterday's family diner don't gone well. My aunt not just complaining whole evening from her coworkers. But she also start to discuss gossip for the whole town. When we try delicate to show that we aren't interested, she accept it like we aren't enough informed so added more descriptions for the persons she was spoke about, including their family members which are already passed away. This just makes my OCD to start call and put me in very bad mode. So at the final we altercate because I told that's enough and this isn't subject that have to be discussed. So they both (aunt and my mom) was upset and angry to me for the rest of the night. And all these nervous brings me awful sleep! So today all day I'm dragging around, trying to get into shape.

Chris, what happened is really horrible! I really don't have a words for that. The scariest thing is that this time unlike previous, news here shows more info for the killer than for the victims. They said that he is young boy which is been orphan, quiet, without many friends, and rejected from his social circle and the system. They told us that in the school he isn't been treated very well, which is crashed him. Like all this can excuse his demonic act. So crazy world! And that they receive so much attention, global attention, only encourages more imitators.

Nancy, this winter walk is so gorgeous! I saw the LO that you are make for it at the gallery! So fabulous! I'm not sure about the hockey fans, for example here volleyball fans are nice people who really care for the game, but the soccer fan clubs are mostly drunk and makes many scandal and racially taunting, and often get fight with the security, so many times policeman have to go there after game. So unfortunately things like this in he Chicago Blackhawks vs the Washington Capitals game are often happen here.

Trudy, so bad that the weather has failed your plans with the family! Hope you'll can do this next weekend!

Jean , great that you are have fun on a meeting, you are always so supportive I'm not surprising that others comes to you for advices all the time!

Rae, I hope that your weekend was good!
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Old 02-19-2018, 06:56 AM
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 46,418


Nancy- that is really cool to see your old photos! I need to scan some of the old ones that I have in boxes. I started that 2 years ago then gave up. But how fun to look through them.

Trudy- yuck about the cold air coming in. Like Nancy said, we are supposed to get a warm up on the East Coast. but nope, not sending you that warm air-- I am keeping it all to myself
I can't believe that your PVR isn't working again. Hope it was fixed easily and then you had a lovely facial to relax after that.
Good luck to your Gary with his knees.

Rae- I think that a nice morning reading with coffee sounds perfect! How was your trip to Bellingham? I think it was a great idea that you and Jen did something different on the weekend than focusing not being at the rehab center. I wish that wasn't an issue.

Felis- I would rather be outside enjoying sunny and warm weather too! Your Hollyday seems like a cross between Yom Kippur (or is it Rosh Hashanah? I think that is it) where Jewish people ask forgiveness for any wrongs they have done and Ash Wednesday.
You have never said anything rude or nasty to me, but I forgive you!

T- I have to go back to Friday to see Storm!


Trudy- blergh about the snow! We ended up getting about 7" according to my next door neighbor. Scott is at Leah's and he said that got almost a foot. I am done with this stuff too. Sorry that it ruined your plans.

Nancy- aw, how fun for Luther to be in the snow! My dogs want to chase all of the squirrels.
Yay to the devils! Three in a row! Hope that they beat the Hurricanes.
Some people are horrible, why do they think that it is ok to use racial slurs at a hockey game? (Guess that turned out to be rhetorical, I know why.... )
I think we might do grilled cheese for dinner tonight. Gary makes it the best, with mozzarella and rosemary.
That is too funny about your DS and the crying baby. When my kids were little, we had friends with no kids- they would come for birthday parties and leave saying that it was 100% foolproof birth control

Jean- how nice that your snow melted already! I can't wait for this to be gone. W thinks that it is the best thing ever to try and sneak chunks of snow into the house. She is a sneaky little one!
I am happy that all of you are enjoying the Olympics- I used to really like the Winter games, but over the years I have lost interest.

trduy! So silly to tease us! What a cozy afternoon watching a movie with your DH. laundry can wait!


~~Chris~~ My Gallery

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Old 02-19-2018, 08:52 AM
nancyr nancyr is offline
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good morning - This is President's day in the US so my boys are home. This is the start of a very busy NJ Devils week. On Sat the NJ Devils are retiring Patrick Elias's jersey. He was my favorite Devil. So tonight the Devils fan club will have as its guest Patrick Elias so that will be fun to hear him talk. Then tomorrow is a home game against the Blue Jackets, then Wed is a special Devils Q&A with Patrick Elias and Jason Arnott at the Rock, then Thursday a home game vs the Wild (a team I cant stand) and then Sat the jersey retirement. Whew. And my team has won 4 games in a row. Last night Taylor Hall scored with GWG with 22 seconds left in OT. It will be a happy plane ride home for the team. Two of my young players are scoring Nico Hischier and Pavel Zacha. That is awesome for the team. It will be a hard hard fight for the rest of the season but I love how this team has really battled. Today I have chores around the house that must be done. I am cooking tonight.

Chris enjoy the time with your BFF. And it does seem that this generation is going to take charge and make changes. It is hard in NJ as so far all our senators and most of our congressmen seem to be voting correctly. Hope if there is a march Cait can take part!

Trudy movie sounds better than laundry. And you don't have to keep apologizing about Marchand. I am probably whinging (my new word - to whine pitifully) too much.

Rae glad you and Jen had a way to relax for a while. Reading is a great way to escape for a while.

Felis so sorry the family get together did not go so well. I always say you get to chose your friends but not your family. Hope the headache goes away fast and you can have fun. Thanks for the compliments on the walk photos. It was so fun.

Jean our snow should be gone pretty fast. Today near 51 and tomorrow even warmer.

Have a great day!
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Old 02-19-2018, 09:51 AM
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Morning O-zies, how nice that some of you have a holiday day today! It is very chilly here this morning, but the sun is shining and it makes the fresh snow on the mountain tops look so pretty! Trying to warm up the house so I have the fireplaces going and the heat pump is working hard it is -4C outside right now. I hope the hummingbird feeder is not frozen solid! DH put it out before he left for work, so at least it was warm for the birds then. I will have to check it later on. It is a holiday Monday for DD and familly too, Family day for them, so I hope that they get to do something fun together!

Chris - I am glad that you are meeting up with your BFF for coffee! Good thing that there is the odd holiday when you can actually find time to see her! Have fun catching up and solving all the worlds problems Your weekend sounds like mine usually does, not much time to spend here, lots to do at home, but really not getting all that much accomplished. I am the biggest time waster ever!! I got so much more accomplished when I was working full time . Poor Cait, it must be so frightening to worry about what the future will bring for her future in education! I hope that this young generation takes charge and makes the changes that need to be done with your country's gun control. I hope that you get to go on the March with Cait, so great that you support your kids in all that they do! I am happy that you are finally getting some warmer temps, don't worry about not wanting to share, I don't blame you one bit! Hope you can get your page finished off, it is so frustrating when it just doesn't come out the way you planned! Like you say, it will come!

Felis - Ugh sorry that your Aunt is a gossip! It can be very upsetting listening to nasty comments, like Nancy says... You can pick your friends, but not your family. I hope that your headache goes away quickly and that you can find something in your day that makes you smile today!

Nancy - I have to get in the gallery and find this page of your walk! apologizing is what us Canadians do, we are a polite bunch Sounds like you will have a very busy week with hockey! Your Devils are having a great winning streak! Hope it lasts for them! Still trying to get over the embarrassing loss of the Bruins to the Canucks , the Canuck fans act like they just won the Stanley Cup! Oh well I guess they can't win every game! We will get over it I sure hope that the boys help out with the chores today and perhaps with supper too! What is on the menu for tonight? I bet it will be delicious whatever you serve! Enjoy your holiday Monday!

Rae - Hope your weekend was relaxing for you and your DH and Jen! How did you do with your trip to Bellingham? I bet the shopping Karma is still strong with you!

Well I am off to get my second cup of coffee and then to the gallery for a bit. I sure hope my scrapping mojo is with me today, it would be nice to just scrap the day away. Have a great Monday ladies!
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Old 02-19-2018, 10:52 AM
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Good morning, ladies. Got home around 7:30 last night so we had a late dinner (breakfast for dinner) and then watched a few shows before heading to bed a bit early. I was tired out from our long day out (almost 12 hours). We had so much fun. It was bitterly cold and the wind was insane. Tree branches and debris were flying all over the place as we drove and when he stopped to let Taz out for a pee he was being swept away with the wind. Good thing he was on a leash so I could rein him back in and he wasn't heavy enough to pull me away with him. We got to Target and there were only 3 cars out front and the store was empty except for staff. We were so excited to find Larabars on sale and they had flavors we'd not seen before so we each stocked up with about 10 boxes each. We took our time browing thru the stores, trying things on, showing each other our selections and helping each other decide what to get. It was so much fun. I'm used to going with D who waits in the car so I always try to rush so he's not waiting too long. We both finished up our shopping with tons of stuff. I found short boots, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 coats, sweaters, scarves, 2 purses and shirts. Jen is more into designer stuff than I am so she found a coat that cost more than both of my 2 coats but it is a designer label worth hundreds of dollars so getting it for $30 made her so happy. She also found Lululemon sports wear (new with tags on them) so was thrilled with that too. She did get a few other things but those were her fave finds. I still had store credit which was nice and they took some stuff to sell for me so I should have more credit when I go back in a month. At Trader Joes we bought their limited ingred fruit bars to try and stocked up on other staples were normally get there. They were giving out samples of ginger, orange, tumeric tea which was good so I got a box of that too. Poor Taz though, he hates howling wind and didn't want to go outside at all yesterday except when he absolutely had to go to the bathroom. We took him to his fave pet store and their power was out but they let us in and he didn't care that it was dark inside, he happily ran around, sniffing everything and playing with a few other dogs that came in. The staff there are so friendly. They even let me purchase a small bag of treats for Taz, giving them cash that they could ring up in the till today when they re-opened and hopefully their power is back on. It was a little dicey getting up to the trailer (wanted to grab laundry and check that there was no damage from wind/snow) and everything was ok. It was really cold though (higher elevation so even colder than Bellingham) Hardly anyone was out there so it was so peaceful and quiet, so pretty with everything covered in snow. The road to get to the higher elevation where our trailer is was very icy and slippery but we made it. Luckily we got out of there just as the sun set and the temps started dropping even more. So, it was a fun day. We were in a lineup fo awhile getting back across the border but we chatted and sang along to the radio and laughed at all the wind blown items flying around outside.

So today I have tons of work, tax stuff to do, laundry and hopefully later will get my challenge ready or at least started.

Chris - enjoy your visit with your friend. That's interesting about putting rosemary in a grilled cheese. Never heard of that. Last night I bought some bread as I was thinking of making grilled cheese for D tonight for dinner as I have leftover fish and veggies to eat. I also got a recipe for tomato soup I want to try but won't have time today. Back when I ate wheat, I loved grilled cheese and tomato soup together.

Nancy - sounds like a fun and busy week of sports for you! Enjoy it.

Felis - I would be frustrated too listening to your aunt. It's one thing to mention a few things, talk for a minute, but to go on and on about it, sharing negative stuff....I would get fed up too. I'm sorry to hear that it turned out so badly. Hope your headache passes quickly.

Trudy - do you bring your hummer feeder in at night? I wrap ours in a thick red towel that helps to keep it from freezing when its just at the freezing point but last night was well below freezing so it was frozen solid this morning. I felt bad b/c I know the hummers get up before we do and start feeding right away and obviously this morning they couldn't. I had to clean the feeder, get the ice out and put in some new sugar water to help thaw it out so they can feed now.

I'd better grab more coffee and get to work now. I hope you all have a wonderful day.
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