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Default Oscraps Forum Rules

The Oscraps family is very relaxed and easy going. We're hoping to welcome everyone - designers and scrappers alike and create an exciting, fun environment.

Our rules are very simple and there aren't that many of them...

We ask you follow normal board etiquette and respect each other.
* No flaming and/or dissent on this board.
* No offensive material related to drugs, sexual orientation or anything that might seem vulgar or profane.

Linking, 'Toot'ing and gallery posting:

* We absolutely don't mind you talking about other sites and designers - we want to know about the latest thing too!
* We do not allow links to other sites in your gallery layout credits. Please, refrain from using this site as a means for mass advertising and no hotlinking!
* We encourage you to participate and post in our challenges and the gallery. We are an open gallery to our active Oscraps members - we want to see what you have created!
* Please, do not post previews of kits located at sites other than Oscraps in the gallery.

Gallery guidelines can be found here:

Minimum Post Counts to Post in most areas of the forums:

*We've had to implement minimum post counts to help combat spammers. You can quickly get your post count up by commenting on layouts in the gallery or introducing yourself and greeting others in the Introduce Yourself forum.

We reserve the right to hide, move and/or delete any posts in the forums and/or gallery at our discretion.

We hope you enjoy this site as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

Have a great time.
The Oscraps Family

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